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John McEvoy When prominent race horse owner is barred from the track he goes into action.
Tilley’s response when questioned by this reporter was to “Wonder what the hell is going on? I’ve never violated any major racing rule,” he told ‘Racing Daily.’ “All I’ve done is buy a lot of horses, treat them well, put them in the hands of excellent trainers, and run them where they belong. A program evidently unfamiliar to many of my jealous competitors who are obviously out to destroy me. I say, good luck to them!”
The Wrong War
James Graves Zeke Sikes leaned back from his spotter scope, rubbed his eyes and sighed. He pulled a red bandana from his back pocket and wiped the sweat from his forehead, grabbed a bottle of water from the ice chest sitting beside him, opened it and drank half the bottle. Then he poured the remainder onto his bandana and pressed it over his face and tired eyes. “My ass is numb.” He mumbled from underneath the wet bandana, then removed it and draped it over a nearby brittle bush, blooming with yellow flowers.  He stared at the bandana for a moment, then commented sarcastically, “It’ll probably be dry in five minutes.” And then shifted his body slightly before pressing his right eye onto the scope’s eye piece once again.