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Here are some incontrovertible facts

Without returnability, your book will not be stocked by chain stores. PODs do not allow you to buy your own book at a rate that will allow you to make it profitable to sell them yourself. Neither PODs nor traditional publishers give you 100% of your royalties. Most other publishers tie you up with contracts that take away your subsidiary rights.

Here are the facts about GAP

GAP does not take any subsidiary rights. Even better, your contract is revocable by you with just a 30 days notice. You are free to resubmit it anywhere after that.

GAP will allow you to buy your book at cost. Our printer’s cost will be less than half of what most POD’s charge you. They are delivered directly to you and you receive a copy of their invoice to show your charges with no profit to GAP

Gap will give you 100% of your royalties. Again a statement from the printer showing your book’s orders will be furnished to you.GAP will publish your book as “returnable” making it eligible to be stocked in chain stores. Sounds wonderful?

We are now doing e-books.

Now, what do you need to do to get your book published by GAP?

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First thing, you need to write a great book. GAP will consider any genre except pornography, text books, religious books or books that promote racial or religious hatred. Books must be at least 48 pages and not more than 700.

GAP has set a literary standard with all the books it has published already and doesn’t plan to change its reputation, so we won’t publish everything that is offered to us. If you feel your book is up to our standards, query by clicking here.

If GAP is interested in your book, you will then be asked to send the entire manuscript. We will review it and decide at no cost to you.

If your book meets GAP standards, then you will be offered a chance to have it published. Your cost will be $2,000 (payable in two installments) with a yearly fee of just $150 to cover ordering and record keeping. (That fee is lowered to $50 any year that you have less than two orders and less than 20 books royalties.)  That will cover your ISBN number, registration in Books in Print, a Library of Congress control number, copyediting, formatting, photographic cover design, your book and a link to your site posted on GAP’s website, a listing with Ingram and Baker and Taylor and printing by one of the top printers in the business.

You will be able to order a proof and copies of your book at cost. Bookstores will be able to order directly from either Ingram or Baker and Taylor, the two leading distributors in the business. You can order through GAP up to twelve times per year. (As few or many books as you wish)  They will be shipped to your door or drop shipped to a location of your choice and you will receive a copy of their invoice with no markup to pay.

For e-books, we will create and upload your book as a Kindle. (Or if you prefer, another e-book site.)

For more information about costs and benefits of being published by GAP Click Here.