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February, 1865, Columbia, South Carolina Sherman’s army is destroying everything in its path as it blazes through South Carolina. Blake Winberry, a Confederate cavalry captain, is transferred from the Virginia front, determined to defend his home state. There he finds out his fiancée has left him for a profiteering draft dodger, adding insult to jeopardy. Judith Rogers has lost her husband and her home to the war. A desperate journey through South Carolina poses new terrors when a group of marauders threatens to plunder the scant possessions and dignity she has left. Blake saves her from unspeakable horrors and offers her the hospitality of his home. Still chafing from his fiancée’s rejection, he asks Judith to marry him, an offer she hopes will bring her the home and stability she craves. But he must leave the warmth of home and his bride to take on an unstoppable enemy, against hopeless odds. As Columbia burns, Judith once again finds herself homeless, and Blake strives to maintain his humanity in the midst of war’s brutality. Will Judith make Blake forget the fickle woman he still loves? Will she succeed, only to lose him in the next bloody battle?

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