Imbedded In Clay

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Clay sits quietly on the west bank of the St. Johns River.
Compared with neighbors Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Clay
attracts relatively little attention, and its stories often go untold.
In 2013, members of Clay County Writers were
challenged to collaborate on an anthology. More than a dozen
local writers set out to explore people, communities, and events
that shaped the character of this area. Drawing on historical
documents, interviews, and other materials, each writer unearthed
a fresh point of view. Residents responded generously, sharing
memories, contacts, and other resources.
Organized in roughly chronological order, these stories
span the early 1800s to the present. They offer glimpses of the
challenges, conflicts, and commitments of a diverse group of
people–people who made a difference in Clay and in the world.
Though the stories belong to individual writers, in all
ways, this anthology has been a community effort.

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